OKQ8 launches SunDay – with support from KP

OKQ8 launches SunDay, a specialist in solar cells, energy storage and EV charging aimed at property owners, industries and housing associations. The KP provides support in purchasing and engineering design.
Press release
OKQ8, with support from KP Energy, is now introducing SunDay as its latest venture in sustainable and renewable energy. SunDay is a specialist in solar cells, EV charging and energy storage and is aimed at property owners, industries and housing associations that see solar cells as a key component of today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable energy supply. With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the need for charging infrastructure in more places is also growing.
In a market characterized by many players, OKQ8’s long history and solid experience gives SunDay the advantage of always delivering the latest technology in a simple and safe way for customers. Solar cells, electric vehicle charging and battery energy storage are services that individually and in combination help property owners, municipalities and businesses to produce and store their own electricity. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint and provides an opportunity to achieve ambitious climate targets.
Helen Axelsson, Director B2B Sales at OKQ8 Scandinavia, expresses her enthusiasm for customers’ growing interest in sustainable energy solutions and emphasizes the importance of solar energy in Sweden. “Solar power currently accounts for only 1% of electricity production, but growth is rapid and crucial for Sweden to reach its climate goals. With SunDay, OKQ8 offers companies and municipalities a combination of specialist knowledge and comprehensive service in solar cells, battery storage and electric vehicle charging.”
By harnessing the sun’s energy, Swedish businesses and property owners can save energy and money while reducing their impact on the climate. SunDay offers everything from analysis of the customer’s energy needs to turnkey projects and comprehensive services to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of photovoltaic solutions. With SunDay, you can harness the power of the sun and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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