Our current conditions

Below are our General Terms and Conditions, valid from. 14/3 -22

These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (“General Terms and Conditions of Purchase”) apply to all deliveries of products after purchase and or order by the Purchaser (“Purchaser”) at KP Sverige AB corporate identity number 559191-004.

1. Order

1.1 All orders are binding.

1.2 When ordering from a quote, separate terms in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase may apply.

1.3 Current range and prices are published in the webshop and material calculator in the Retailer portal.

(a) Stock item refers to product within the current range that is stocked at KP.
(b) Order item refers to a product within the regular range that is stocked with KP´’s supplier.

1.4 Products outside the published range are only provided according to a special agreement and at the prices and delivery terms specified by KP. The right to change and cancel products outside the published range may vary from the general terms and conditions. Ordering inquiries regarding such products are handled by the Sales Department, tel. 010-454 43 50.

(a) Specially ordered goods refer to non-stocked products from KP´’s suppliers which have not been published in the current range.
(b) Project order refers to system orders that are packed directly with the supplier.

1.5 We reserve the right, with or without prior notice, to adjust our list prices in the event of a change in exchange rates or a supplier price increase greater than 3%. The list price is based on the exchange rates that applied at the last price revision or according to the terms of the current quote.

1.6 Orders with the desired delivery date further than 3 months from today’s date will not be accepted without a basis in a valid quote

2. Change and cancellation

2.1 Changes and / or cancellations must be notified in writing to order@kpenergy.se.

2.2 Changes may affect the order price and delivery date.

2.3 Changes to orders can not be made later than 3 working days before the order-recognized delivery date.

2.4 If the customer wishes to advance the delivery, the Customer must state a reasonable reason (see item 9) and a binding date for receipt of goods within 2 months from the original delivery date. Deferred delivery can affect the order price and material selection.

2.5 If KP updates the order acknowledgment with a later delivery time, the reseller has the right to change or cancel the order free of charge, within 14 days after the updated order acknowledgment has been sent out.

2.6 Cancellations made later than 14 days before the order-recognized delivery date will be charged with a fee of 10% of the order value.

2.7 Cancellations that occur within 3 working days from the delivery date in the order recognition, KP has the right to debit the total order value and shipping fee including any cancellation fees from the freight forwarder.

2.8 If KP is seriously delayed in the delivery of products or services and this is due to circumstances for which KP is responsible (with regard to applicable delivery times and conditions), the Purchaser has the right to cancel the current order unless the circumstances fall under point 9.

Replacement products

3.1 If any of KP´’s suppliers ceases production or for other reasons no longer delivers to KP, KP shall work to primarily provide a suitable replacement product in the same price segment (+/- 5% of the stated price for the original product ). Alternatively, a replacement product in a higher price category < can be offered at the higher price. If a suitable replacement product cannot be obtained, KP may cancel the order without any compensation being paid to the Purchaser.

3.2 In cases where KP’s suppliers significantly delay their delivery time, KP shall work to be able to replace ordered product / s in the same or higher price segment in accordance with section 3.1 so that order-recognized delivery can be maintained.


4.1 Payment shall be made for ordered products and services to KP in accordance with the payment terms and credits granted to the Purchaser. For the credit application, contact: invoice@kpenergy.se

4.2 Unless otherwise stated, payment must be made in advance with a 30-day payment deadline. In the event of late payment, default interest is paid in accordance with law. Products remain the property of the supplier until they are paid for in full.

4.3 If the issued advance invoice expires without payment, the intended order will be canceled.

5. Delivery and shipping

5.1 Deliveries are made at the delivery times and delivery terms stated in the order recognition.

5.2 Unless otherwise stated, General Delivery Regulations NL09 apply to the material deliveries that KP performs. For such deliveries, delivery terms apply Ex Works and with a reasonable delivery time, taking into account the manufacturer’s delivery times (including any delays thereof) and the other delays or obstacles that may arise.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed, KP has the right to charge shipping costs for deliveries provided by KP.

5.4 If the customer expresses special requests for packing and delivery, KP has the right to charge handling costs.

5.5 If the Purchaser fails to receive the goods on the order-recognized day, KP has the right to charge the Purchaser the transport costs incurred in connection with the delivery, incl. penalties from the freight forwarder. In these cases, KrP can stock the goods for a reasonable time at the customer’s risk and expense.

5.6 If the customer wishes to arrange for collection of an order at KP’s warehouse, this must be notified to KP no later than 3 working days before the order-approved delivery date.

(a) Collection of goods takes place on weekdays at 07-16 from the order-recognized delivery date.
(b) For orders that are not picked up on the order-recognized day, the customer will be charged a late fee of SEK 1,000 per started day. After 10 working days, the order is canceled. In addition to the delay fee, KP also has the right to debit up to the total order value.

6. Return

6.1 Return refers to a fully functioning product in salable condition. Complete return terms and instructions can be found on KP´’s website: www.kpenergy.se/villkor

6.2 Refunds for returned products are made by credit invoice in accordance with the Return Terms.

7. Complaints

7.1 KP only handles complaints regarding products purchased or ordered from KP.

7.2 Complaint means that the function or form of a product, without incorrect handling, deviates from what has been promised.

7.3 The customer shall, without delay after the error has been noticed, report discovered errors and deficiencies to service@kpenergy.se and substantiate the complaint with a photo or in another appropriate manner. Transport damage is reported to transport@kpenergy.se.

7.4 The customer loses his right to make a claim for compensation, if such a claim is not made no later than 3 months after the party has marked or removed the basis for the claim, but no later than 15 months after delivery.

7.5 Visible damage to products must be reported immediately and before installation. Damages that should reasonably have been noted before installation and not documented before installation are not accepted as faults.

7.6 For products, each manufacturer provides the guarantees to the Purchaser which appear in the webshop and according to the manufacturer’s specification.

7.7 Supplier guarantees never cover defects that have arisen through:

– Improper installation or lack of maintenance
– Faults that have arisen through incorrect or abnormal use or during extreme stress
– Damage to other property caused by the product not working properly.

7.8 In the event of any claims, complaints or other complaints, KP and the Purchaser shall participate in contacts with the end customer without compensation claims and take the reasonable measures that may be required to conduct an investigation or otherwise handle the matter.

8. Responsibility

8.1 KP is not liable for damage caused by delivered products to real or personal property or the consequences of such damage if the damage occurs when the product is in the end customer’s possession.

8.2 KP is not liable in any case for indirect damage or loss that occurs during or in connection with ordering or delivery, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of reputation or goodwill, loss of production, loss of business or business opportunities, loss of income or expected savings, or loss of and / or damaged data or information. This applies regardless of how the damage or loss was caused (including damage or loss caused by negligence) and whether the damage was foreseeable or not at the conclusion of the Agreement (even if KP was informed of the risk of such damage or loss).

8.3 KP´’s liability in relation to damage or other loss (regardless of how the damage or loss was caused, including damage or loss caused by negligence) arising during or in connection with this Agreement shall be limited per claim (including a series of related claims) to an amount corresponding to fifty percent (50%) of the compensation paid by the Reseller for current products / services.

9. Force majeure

9.1 If KP´s or the Purchaser’s fulfillment of its obligations is significantly hindered or prevented due to circumstances that neither could have prevailed, this shall constitute grounds for exemption which entails exemption from damages and other sanctions.

Deliveries take place at the delivery times and on the delivery terms stated in the order recognition or otherwise in the Agreement. Unless otherwise stated, General Delivery Regulations NL09 apply to the material deliveries that KP performs. For such deliveries, delivery terms apply Ex Works and with a reasonable delivery time, taking into account the manufacturer’s delivery times (including any delays thereof) and the other delays or obstacles that may arise. KP always has the right to charge shipping costs for deliveries that KP takes care of.

It is the order of the retailer to check the goods in their entirety upon receipt of delivery and report deviations from the placed order within 14 days of receipt of delivery.

What can be returned?

  • Only products purchased from KP are received in return
  • Kit item must be returned complete with all sub-items
  • The product must be unused, undamaged, clean and in the supplier’s packaging (if applicable)
  • Products that are specially ordered and that are not normally stocked will not be returned

how do i perform?

  • Always contact KP on telephone number 010-454 43 54 before goods are returned to obtain a return case number
  • Return form with order number and case number must be attached to the return goods
  • Products must be packaged to handle return transport
  • Return shipping is booked by KP
  • Approved returns are reimbursed in the form of a credit note (see return fees)

Remuneration terms and fees

  • Products returned within two (2) weeks of receipt of delivery, credited to 100%
  • Products returned within two (2) months of receipt of delivery, credited to 80%
  • Products returned within three (3) months of delivery received, credited to 70%
  • Project orders from Aerocompact and Schletter that are returned within three (3) months of receipt of delivery, are credited to 80%
  • Damaged products and / or products that do not meet the return conditions above will be returned at the recipient’s expense
  • Products that arrive damaged to KP are not reimbursed
  • Deductions of at least SEK 3,000 are made for damaged packaging, possible repackaging and to cover overheads in applicable cases where the above return conditions have not been met.
  • Deviations from these conditions can take place at e.g. promotions or other sales opportunities, which are then announced at the same time
  • Return shipping is paid by the sender *

* If a return need has arisen as a result of incorrect picking by KP, no return shipping cost will be charged