Energy Storage

Store and use your solar energy in the smartest way

Store and use your solar energy in the smartest way

In order to balance supply and demand of energy and power, energy storage has a key role in the electricity grid of the future.

Why install an energy store?

Increase your self-consumption - Charge the battery with solar energy and use it at night time

Power control - discharge below power peaks

Grid support - the battery is used as a service to strengthen the grid

Backup power during power outages

Store and use your solar energy in the smartest way

The energy supply is facing major changes. Few central production units are supplemented and replaced by decentralized renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. As the proportion of unplanned energy production increases, so does the need for energy storage. Energy storage is seen as a basic prerequisite for a functioning energy system based on renewable energy sources.

A local energy storage enables both financial savings and provides many functional benefits for all types of properties – from the detached house to the larger industry. One of the biggest driving forces for the installation of a local energy storage can be power balancing / peak shaving. The ability to reduce the property’s highest power needs provides opportunities to reduce electricity costs.

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With our wide range of products and solutions, we deliver complete solar PV systems, designed and calculated using our Material Calculator. Our portfolio is constantly growing with more innovative products and system solutions.

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