We package and deliver the energy innovations of the future

Complete product portfolio from world-leading manufacturers

KP places high demands on our suppliers and their products. We make supplier visits all over the World where we inspect production facilities and development departments. With high technical competence, we test and verify all products by ourselves and install in our own facilities, for example in our MW park. The products meet our, the industry’s and customers’ high quality requirements.

We continuously review the global market for the technology of the future.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is today’s and the future’s most important energy source – renewable, simple and cheap.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is the key to being able to balance supply and demand for energy and power.

EV Charging Infrastructure

The electric car boom – we have the solutions for all types of charging stations.

We package and delivers the energy innovations of the future

We are in the midst of an energy revolution driven by the goal of a renewable society. The rapid development of renewable energy, electric cars and batteries forms the basis of this energy transition, where KP is a leader in providing the Nordic region with hardware, knowledge, services and new innovation in solar energy, charging infrastructure and energy storage.

Our purpose is to help the transition to a smarter and more sustainable energy society. To achieve this, we must think in new ways and dare to innovate, always with a long-term perspective as foundation. We strive for partnerships with our customers towards a more sustainable world.