Solar Energy

The energy source of the future

Renewable energy without compromise

Solar energy is the most important energy source of today and tomorrow – renewable, cheap, simple and sustainable. The revolution has just begun.

The energy source of the future

Electricity generated from solar panels is today one of the world’s most sustainable, simple and cheap ways to produce energy. Every hour, the earth is hit by more energy from the sun than the whole world consumes, in one year. PV systems convert this solar energy into renewable electricity to run your home, your property or your business.

A financially sound investment

With rising electricity prices and low system costs, an installation of your own solar energy system is one of the best investments you can make. By using your otherwise unusable roof space for solar cells, you will cut your electricity costs, generate income from the sale of your over-production and enable a reduction in your power needs. All in all, this provides an investment with an incredibly good return over time and a short payback period.

Be a leader of the renewable future

The sun’s energy is free, renewable and (in principle) inexhaustible, which makes it an ideal energy source. Show your commitment to our climate by installing a solar PV system to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for you and your surroundings.

Our suppliers

With our wide range of products and solutions, we deliver complete solar PV systems, designed and calculated using our Material Calculator. Our portfolio is constantly growing with more innovative products and system solutions.

Renewable energy without compromise

KP works exclusively with solar panels and panel manufacturers of the highest quality. The main purpose of the solar panel is to produce renewable energy throughout its long life. This requires continuous quality of the panel over time.

We work exclusively with world-leading manufacturers with a strong history of quality, deliverability and development capability, for a sustainable long-term partnership.

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