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Smart, sustainable charging solutions for residential, condominiums, parking garages and businesses.

The EV Boom

Electric cars are entering the market widely, and they are here to stay. Right now, hundreds of thousands of Swedes are considering whether the next car might be an electric car. The incentives are many: electric cars are environmentally friendly, quiet and comfortable, but above all they are cheaper to operate from the start.

Not having to go to a gas station to refuel is also very nice. You can easily charge an electric car at home overnight, or at work during your business hours.

We have the solutions for all types of charging stations!

Smart charging

Smart charging can be summarized as functionalities in the charging station to optimize the charging process, especially when several charging stations are to cooperate. Smart charging creates and distributes available power in an efficient and flexible way. Get the most out of your charging stations in terms of power capacity, without exceeding the property’s fuse limits.

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