Processing of your personal data

These regulations explain how and why KP collects and uses your personal data.

In order to be able to offer you the services that KP provides, we need to process your personal data in accordance with these regulations. We always ensure that the information we collect about you and the processing of personal data takes place in a responsible and secure manner, always with regard to your privacy.

Before using our services or using our website, it is important that you read these regulations. If you continue to use the services provided by KP, this means that you have understood the content of these provisions in their entirety.

These provisions apply to all services that KP provides, but we may also provide additional personal data attachments related to specific services.

What types of personal information and information do we collect?

Information that you give to us
In connection with the creation of a customer account with KP or through the use of services provided by KP, you may directly or indirectly provide KP with information about yourself. This may include:

  • Identity and personal information – names and other types of identification data for you
  • Contact information – delivery and invoice address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
  • Payment information – invoice information etc.
  • End customer information – personal and contact information about your customers

Information we collect about you
when you use some of the services provided by KP, the following information may be collected:

  • Information about previous purchases – details about the transactions and purchases made.
  • Historical information – your purchases, payment and credit history
  • Information on how to use KP tools – how to interact with our services, any errors, how you reached and left the service
  • Device information – e.g. MAC address, IP address, language settings, browser settings, screen resolution, time zone, operating system, platform and similar information.
  • Geographical information – your geographical location.

The information you provide to KP and the information we collect about you is necessary to enter into a contractual relationship with KP, the other information we collect is generally necessary for other purposes described below.

Why and how does KP use your information?

All data is used to provide, perform and improve the services that KP offers. On the following legal grounds, KP processes your personal data.

Syftet med behandlingen

Laglig grund för behandlingen

För att bekräfta din identitet och verifiera dina person- och kontaktuppgifter samt hålla dessa uppdaterade

Utföra våra kontraktuella åtaganden gentemot dig

För att administrera dina köp och betalningar och upprätthålla kundförhållandet, detta för att till exempel uppfylla våra eventuella skyldigheter gentemot dig och för att tillhandahålla dig med information, produkter och tjänster som du begär från oss.

Utföra våra kontraktuella åtaganden gentemot dig

För analyser vid till exempel felsökningar, testning, data- och kundanalys, utveckling och administration av Kraftpojkarnas tjänster och för övriga statistiska ändamål.

Utföra våra kontraktuella åtaganden gentemot dig och andra berättigade intressen

För att tillförsäkra att vår återförsäljarportal presenteras på ett lämpligt och effektivt sätt för dig och din enhet.

Utföra våra kontraktuella åtaganden gentemot dig

För att kunna erbjuda de tjänster som Kraftpojkarna tillhandahåller på ett tryggt och säkert sätt samt förhindra missbruk av tjänsterna

Utföra våra kontraktuella åtaganden gentemot dig och följa tillämplig lagstiftning

För att kunna kommunicera med dig angående använda tjänster eller andra tjänster och produkter som vi tror kan vara av intresse för dig

Andra berättigade intressen

Communicate with you

KP may also use your data to communicate relevant information regarding used services, promotions, competitions, customer satisfaction surveys or other services that we believe may be of interest to you. This can be done in the form of direct advertising via electronic communication channels and by telephone. When you receive such information, you will always be offered the opportunity to say no to continued such communication or you can also contact KP at any time by calling our exchange.

Who can we share your information with?

When you buy a product or service, you enter into an agreement. KP Sverige AB collects the personal information that is necessary for us to be able to deliver the product or service to you and receive agreed compensation.

KP transfers the personal data that is necessary to be able to deliver the product or service to external partners, such as installers and logistics companies.

How long do we store your personal information?

We only store your data for as long as is necessary to carry out our contractual obligations to you and as long as it is required by statutory storage times. When we save your data for purposes other than our contractual obligations, we save the data only for as long as is necessary and / or statutory for each purpose.

How does KP use cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies, web signals and similar tracking techniques are used to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service.

KP Sverige AB (formerly Kraftpojkarna) is a Swedish limited liability company registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office with organization number 559191-0004. The company is headquartered at Betonggatan 1, 721 36 Västerås.

If you have a complaint about our handling of your personal data, you can in the first instance turn to our personal data manager who will help you get in touch with the right person to respond to your complaint.

KP has a personal data representative with a focus on data protection issues. For questions about how we work with data protection and how we handle your personal data, you are more than welcome to ask questions directly to him.

The person responsible for personal data is:
KP Sverige AB
Betonggatan 1
721 36 Västerås

KP is the personal data controller for the processing of your personal data as above. KP complies with Swedish data protection legislation.

Visit for more information about KP.

Entry into force

These provisions entered into force on 25 May 2018. KP reserves the right to change these regulations at any time by publishing the new revised and numbered regulations on this website.