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Innovation through increased digitalization is the key for strong, sustainable growth.

Digital platform uniquely built for your business

KP offers a powerful and unique digital platform for your business – Empower.

A completely digital business journey within renewable energy.
Speed, efficiency and a high degree of digitalisation are keys to your success in the market. The time from customer lead to project design and finalized offer needs to be short as customers expect a fast response. At the same time, your internal processes need to be tuned to save time and maintain efficiency.

Our digital platform Empower enables you to go from lead to completed project in one and the same tool, without moving a single data from one system to another.

Modules for the entire business

A comprehensive tool for your sales process - or an business system for your entire business?

KP’s Empower is the platform that gives you tools for the entire sales process, from new lead to completed project. The platform is built uniquely for the industry and creates a sleepless interconnection of your various stages of sales.

At the same time, Empower is a complete business system and gives you the opportunity to gather all customers, business, information, cases, work reports, time reports, invoicing data and incredibly much more in one place. An business system & CRM to facilitate and make all administrative work so incredibly much faster and easier.

Lead Management

Tools for compiling and working with leads, in your built pipeline. All customer leads can be classified with, for example, different status, project value, associated customer, probability, and more. Each customer lead has an assigned user so you can easily filter individually and define ownership clearly. Connect to your website and leads / prospects can be created automatically in the tool.

Complete lead management, adaptable to your own customer journey

Get an overview of your pipeline and filter on e.g. probability, lead owner and business type

Connects customer, design, quotation and order

Material Calculator

The Material Calculator is a project design tool with built-in inverter design rules and strength calculations for mounting systems so that the design of a PV system is intuitive, simple and fast. Based on the size of the roof, its parameters and its location, the number of panels, mounting components and accessories is calculated automatically. Details about the PV system and its price is calculated automatically. Your order is placed by a simple push of a button.

  • The Material Calculator is a project design tool designed byKP that helps with the planning and design of photovoltaic systems.
  • The Material Calculator calculates needed material, total installed power and the final price which can then be saved as an ongoing project or placed as an order directly
  • Actual design- and strength requirements are taken into account automatically to ensure correct design
  • Coming soon – Material Calculator for EV charging infrastructure!


Powerful tool for creating automatic quotes based on existing data such as customer, project and company information. Through connection with the customer lead and the Materials Calculator modules, almost all data in the quote is filled in automatically. Unlimited amount of quotation templates can be created to differentiate quotes for e.g. solar energy and EV charging infrastructure. The colors, fonts and design of the templates can be completely customized to align with your company’s brand.

Quotations are sent digitally via email, directly from the tool. Your customers can choose to accept the offer directly via the browser, or send comments of which you are notified in the platform.

Automatic, digital and user-friendly – both for you and your customer!

  • Automatic quotation data from lead, material calculation, installer company details, etc.
  • Adjustable templates based on your quotation structure, your brand and project type
  • Digital delivery to your customer with support for e-signing
  • Automatic production calculation via API connection to PVGIS
  • Automatic economic calculation based on adjustable parameters

See examples of digital quote from the tool here


EMPOWER’s project management tool comes complete with all the features that can be desired from a project management tool. Compile and manage all your projects through your own project templates. Invite your partners to the project and give them tasks to complete.

  • Easy administration of your projects
  • Timeline view, sub-projects, tasks & deadlines
  • Project managers, notifications & communication
  • Invite sub-contractors to complete specific tasks

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